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Bogroll (n.) a roll of toilet paper (British Slang)

About this game

Spy Quest 2: Operation BOGROLL is the sequel to my 2018 AdvJam entry Spy Quest 1: Mission SPECTRUM.

Once again, you play as Agent N of the HCA (Highly Clandestine Agency) and have been assigned the crucial task of ensuring a steady supply of toilet paper despite all the hoarding during the global norovirus pandemic of 2020 (NOVID-20). Something smells bad about this whole situation!

Check out the included README for instructions on how to play, or make use of the special facility for those who want to stream the game.

If you need some hints, check out the hint page.

Voice cast

This second instalment features the voice talents of Jason Cryer as the protagonist and Durinde as Eddie the security guard. The lovely Erika Sanderson did triple duty as the receptionist, Queen Elizabeth and President Harris. Natalie Winter answers the phone in the most annoying way I dared to ask of her and Paul Thomas must be on his way to retirement if he rakes in the money well as his character Doug the toilet paper salesman does in this game. Last but not least, we have my dear friend Dirk M. Weger as the German chancellor in dire need of some "Klopapier".

Thank you so much for bringing these characters to life!

Special thanks

A special thank you goes out to Al Lowe for being a good sport and providing material to an easter egg in the game. Visit allowe.com or follow Al on Twitter.

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AuthorSteven Don
Tags2D, Comedy, Point & Click


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I just finished playing this and it was so much fun, so I wanted to thank you for making it. I enjoy playing your Spy Quest games, I wish you can keep making them, I appreciate the pixel art and the humor, Agent N’s missions are amusing, the easter eggs from the first game are great too. Adding voices for the characters was a superb addition. This are the kind of games that I enjoy the most.

Thank you for the kind comment. So glad you enjoyed the games!


nice game! I love the pixel arts, and i like the theme too!

Thank you!


Hey, nice game! I like the arts. Even though you obviously used real photos, it still looks nice and fits the whole game style.

BTW, I'm stuck at the begging and not able to progress at all, lol

(1 edit) (+1)

Hehe, I didn't use real photos for anything (other than the intro) - it's all rendered in 3D with Blender or handdrawn pixel art :) As I'm not sure where you're stuck, I'd suggest you take a look at the hint page on my website.


A very nice game! Fun to have these short flashbacks to old-school Sierra games.

I experienced a problem with the game quite frequently crashing when I right-click, with the error message "ERROR: uncaught: 'cannot read property \x27loop\x27 of undefined'". It seemed to be related to changes in my inventory (i.e. that it happens shortly after I gain or lose an item). I got through it by just making sure that I saved frequently, but it's probably something you ought to check out.

Thanks for the bug report, it seems like a bug I recently introduced in an update. I definitely will check that and fix it!

I'm glad that you managed to get through the game regardless and got some enjoyment out of it 😊


Well, took me a long time to find it as it only happened under very specific conditions, but with a little help from a friend, I was finally able to reproduce the bug and fix it. The game has been updated and fixed!