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Aboard the interstellar vessel ESS Redemption, CD-24 a small autonomous robot of the Cognisant Droid series (often referred to as Coffee Droid by the human crew for what they deem to be its primary purpose) activates from its three-hour charging cycle. Emerging from the charging bay, it finds the crew dead and the ship damaged. The Redemption's main computer has set main propulsion operating at full capacity to prevent the ship from falling into the gravity well of a nearby black hole. Though not quite at the event horizon yet, the Redemption is slowly being drawn in, unless CD-24 can find a way to escape certain doom.

The game has three endings: a good one, a bad one, and a terrible one. Can you find them all?

In case you need a little help progressing, feel free to refer to the hint page.

The Telescopium Incident is a short point and click adventure originally created for the $105 Adventure Game Challenge. It was designed, written and created by Steven Don.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorSteven Don
Tags2D, Dark, Point & Click, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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Bit late to the party, but I just played this after your advjam 2023 game, since I noticed it on your page. Really great! Extra ending that you had to work for was good, and worth the extra bit of thinking involved. It think it's my fav of yours after spyquest (but can't beat a parser for me so that doesn't count :P)

Thanks! Tried to do something I hadn't done before with this, by having a non-human protagonist and not sticking to the standard verbs. The three different endings were a natural fit for the story.


Congratulation - I've loved it and I think this is probably one of your best games - at least for some quite cool elements (including the game interaction AND the player sounds)
Of course, the first ending I've stepped into was the *really really sad* one - but it was a great idea for a sci-fi game.
An impressive work

Thanks for the compliments! Wanted to see whether I could do a non-humourous game too. And as soon as the judging period is over, an improved post-jam version will be posted.


Great graphics and puzzles. One of the best entries in this jam.

That is high praise indeed. Thank you so much!


Absolutely terrific atmosphere! I dug the puzzles so much. :)


Thanks forthe kind words, and of course for helping with the testing :D You've been one of my biggest supporters :)


I enjoyed it!

The athmosphere is perfect. It's a pleasent mixture between future/machines and soft/warm.

It's a little bit to much text at the end and I think, that I have chosen a bad ending but I have to play it again to know if it was the bad or the terrible one 🙂

I like this green oldfashioned color art! It reminded me of some old gameboy games but with a lot more of pixels and details.

Good luck for this contest!

Thank you. So glad you enjoyed it :)


Nice one shdon! Took me a few goes to get through it, because I couldn't help experimenting with things that seemed like a bad idea ;) Your art skills have been levelling up too, it's really great looking art, I love the little details like the rapidly flashing lights on the network panel and things like that!

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Thank you! I'm glad I got to put that extra polish in. And investing in a pen/graphics tablet has helped me create better drawings than I could previously do with a mouse :)