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I got stuck in the end when i had to enter the password. In my password there was a " ` " or " ' " sign. I was unable to enter that as i have to type a space after the character for it to show. Long story short, i couldn't finish the game.
Either way i really liked it and brought me all the way back to police quest 1.


Oh dear. Sorry that that happened. If you don't want to start over and hope for a better password, you can circumvent the input issue by temporary changing your keyboard  layout to have no so-called "dead keys". For instance, if your keyboard layout is "US International", change it to "US" (and later change it back, assuming that is the desired behaviour). I'm also uploading a new build right now that will prevent certain characters from being used in a password (and will fix such passwords if they happen to be loaded from a savegame).


I am fairly new to this kind of games, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. I got stuck once, I didn’t know how to convince the receptionist, so I checked the hint page (thanks for making it). I had a bit of trouble typing the password for the AdvJam2018, I had to look up the right combination of keys because the distribution of my keyboard is in another language. I had a fun couple of hours with this game, I’m left wishing there was more to play. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it, I know making games is not easy and even short games take a lot of time, so thank you.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for commenting. The games I have here on itch have all been created under a time limit of 2 weeks per game (in this case, for the 2018 Adventure Jam), which necessitates keeping the games short (or less polished). That you were left wanting more is a great compliment to me. I hope to be able to complete a much larger game in the future.

And good point about the password, I may have gone a bit too complicated for the random password generator. It may be good security practices in real life, but perhaps overkill for a game.